Chợ Viềng (Vieng Market)

Time: 8th day of the first lunar month. Opens only one in a year, selling and buying things for lucky.

Place: Kim Thai Commune, Vu Ban District and Nam Giang Town, Nam Truc District, Nam Dinh Province.

Chợ Viềng (Vieng Market)

In this market, people do not make overprice or bargain. This is a nice feature of the traditional country market which is not preserved by many regions. People seem to hold a religious awareness, that only buy or sell one small thing, they would believe they will have luck and they will be happy to be back and come to the pagoda to wish for luck.

Though it is called “festival market” but there are not any high class products being sold here like in other expo. The products are mainly trees, tools of peasant like the mattock, plough and sickle, etc. People could find the needle, threat to the knife, scissor to thousands of other daily tools. Besides, there are some foods which are favored by both seller and buyer, and they could consider that to be the gift for the whole family, which is the steer or more exactly, the burn veal. They are sold abundance along the path to the market. The price is quite fair, which is very suitable to the allowance of “country people”.

Therefore, the old Vieng market was named Cau May market (wish for luck). The Vieng market is in Trung Thanh commune. It is surrounded by a complex of culture and history complex like temple, communal houses including Van Cat temple, mausoleum, King temple, Long Van pagoda, etc which are the famous vestiges of many centuries.

The whole complex worships mainly the Lieu Hanh Goddess, a folk character who was both real and legendary. She was titled as Goddess and considered the God lady with many legends and stories about the life of this woman. All of them have come into the mind of each person in this place. Coming to Vieng market is not simply to a market to buy and sell something; this is also a chance to go to the pagoda to the Ba Chua (Goddess) temple to wish for luck and peace for the whole family at the beginning of a year.

Vieng Festival in Chua Market (Nam Truc District): opens according to the custom of giving a feast to the troops after the victory of King Quang Trung in the spring of Ky Dau year (1789). There are sacrifies – offering ceremony and a procession of god.

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