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What means of transportation is available for traveling Vietnam?

Travel in Vietnam is easier than it used to be. Means of transportation are usually very comfortable. Routine travel in Vietnam between major cities and tour destinations is generally comfortable and hassle free as well. Independent travelers will sometimes be required local knowledge for a decent level of comfort. By air: You can get almost [...]

Is language a problem in Vietnam, or can I get by in English?

Everyone in Vietnam seems to be learning English. Standards are relatively high considering the country has only been open for just over a decade. Most young people and many of those working in the tourist industry speak sufficient English to communicate at a basic level. You’ll find more and better English-speakers in the south – [...]

What sort of souvenirs are available to bring home from Vietnam?

Vietnam has a good variety of lightweight, transportable souvenirs. You’ll find them on sale in all the main tourist areas, though Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City probably offer the greatest variety. Silk is probably high on most people’s list, either tailored or as uncut cloth. Hoi An, in central Vietnam, has become the place [...]

What recommendations do you have for eating in Vietnam?

I strongly recommend you try the small local restaurants, especially the street kitchens which consist of a few tables and a stove in an open-fronted dining area. They usually specialize in one type of food (often “com” and “pho” – rice dishes or noodle soups respectively). Sometimes there will be a range of prepared dishes [...]

Tips for changing money in Vietnam

You can change cash and travelers’ cheques at exchange desks in big hotels and at authorized foreign exchange banks in the main cities. Among the banks, Vietcombank usually offers the best exchange rates and charges the lowest commission (around 1-2%). Note that commission rates are slightly lower if changing travelers’ cheques into dong rather than [...]

What is the climate like in Vietnam?

Vietnam has a particularly complicated climate and, like elsewhere in the world, weather patterns have been changing over recent years. The situation described below is therefore only an indication of the type of weather you can expect. Northern Vietnam Climate: Starting in the north, autumn (September to December) is undoubtedly the most pleasant season. At [...]

Vietnam weather in December Travel guides

Vietnam weather in December

In December, it is often cold in Hanoi and especially in North-western region such as Sa Pa. In December, it is often cold in Hanoi and especially in North-western region such as Sa Pa.Snow occasionally comes and leaves but it might get colder than one expect. Prepare warm clothes or you might be trapped in [...]

Vietnam things to do in September Travel guides

Vietnam things to do in September

Like February, September is another month for both political and cultural events. September the 2nd is the national independence day, with national flags hung on all streets, parades happening in major boulevards and speeches seen all over TV channels. Many veterans treat this occasion with honour and a time to reflect on the triumph over [...]

Vietnam weather in September Travel guides

Vietnam weather in September

The first half of September may see another rise in temperature throughout the country. Rainfall ceases in Hanoi and the North but increases in Centre and South. With the rain, however, the climate in places such as Hue, Hoi An and Ho Chi Minh City are much more pleasant than it was during the summer [...]

Vietnam weather in August Travel guides

Vietnam weather in August

In many countries, August is the finish-off month for the summer and it is no difference in Vietnam. There are more shadowy day with occasional downpours, thunders and lightning. It is a peak month for rainfall in the North but the rain seems to back off in the Centre and South Vietnam. The temperature varies [...]